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1st October 2019...

Welcome to 24/7 Circle! I am excited to share this concept with you and the related pages of 24/7!

I keep saying this but I am going to say it again! We are beginning to unfold a real possibility for the most incredible growth in the work that we are doing together, through the courses and healing AND of course through the self-healing work that you are doing - this last element is really the first and the last - the alpha and omega of your spiritual development. I can only facilitate your development - you are the one who is doing it for yourself!

May I ask you to pause for a moment and realise that you are self-realising, step by step?


Take this moment to see yourself and to acknowledge yourself for all that you have achieved. Do NOT compare yourself to anyone else. Always look inwards and see yourself and see the good growth that you are carving out of the very bedrock of yourself. I know many of the steps are hard-won. My own journey is a testament to that... Every step I have taken has been won by me and is deservedly readable in my chakras and my aura. I am not afraid to say that. Nor should you either! This is definitely the moment to give yourself a pat on the back... WELL DONE YOU!

I also want to take a moment to thank you for the exchange, your energy for mine. The exchange has helped me to grow spiritually and to realise my dreams of sharing and supporting others on the path. I hope the exchange between us is helping you to realise your own dreams.

I offer 24/7 Circle to support you in your healing process, to enrich that process and to say thank you for participating. This Circle is open to everyone who is attending courses and healing work that I offer.

Some elements are available to access 24/7/365 on the pages, and some elements - Courses and Tools - are accessible by exchange of a fee. My vision is to build an interactive space that can encourage you to participate actively and consistently in your healing and consciousness expansion. For example, I occasionally I hear that people feel overwhelmed by the number of Keys and tools and techniques available from me and they don't feel they understand the structure or when to use which ones. Your intuition is your best indicator, but I am going to offer a suggested work programme as a guide, so that we can bring the different elements into a cohesive structure for spiritual unfoldment. I welcome suggestions and any input you may have to help me to put the programme together.








I have such a dream, a vision of how the world can be and how we - you and me - can play a significant part in realising that dream..The Keys of Creation open a possible pathway that is supported by a host of beings in Spirit, and the encouragement brought by the Divine to unfold this path is profound. You can be a part of this journey that simultaneously serves your own striving for consciousness elevation and supports the global movement for the entire Earth sphere to elevate.


What does your heart say? Does this resonate with you? Will you walk with me for a while on this path?


Blessings, Shabdan.

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