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Update 14 May 2010

(please see below for November 2009 background information)


SoNa is a divine radiance of pure unconditional love from Source that resonates at the level of the 5th Dimension. SoNa energy is intended as a tool to help us prepare more effectively for the coming consciousness shift. As the world consciousness point rises and alignment to galactic centre increases, the frequency of SoNa will increase correspondingly. At the moment we do not know when the consciousness shift will actually take place, but we do know that from midnight GMT leading into 14 May 2010 (which is 1am UK time), SoNa energy will come forward formally to help us prepare. I have been working with the Keys of Creation since last October/November to open the way for this by opening pathways here on Earth. 

What follows is a message from SoNa. We are not asked to do anything to make this happen or arrange huge events - simply to witness and acknowledge, alone or in groups, at some point during the initial period of their arrival. SoNa beings, translucent with pure white light, will come forward with the energy to work with us. You are invited to participate in whatever way feels right to you.

“Our coming signals a new beginning, as unconditional love flows into the world at every level, through all planes and dimensions within the Earth sphere. We come to bring renewed hope and - of course - love to the world. Our light is an expression of divine love and we come at the request of Source to help this world align to the divine.


"Sit with us, be gentle in your heart and become still. Let your breath take you into stillness, slowing and lengthening to a comfortable level so that your being opens to the divine. Let this mantra pass your lips:


    "Serecu-Ah-nuuto, An"


"This will open your heart deeply to SoNa. We ask you simply to witness our coming and invite us gently into the world. This simple acknowledgement is all that is required. From this small beginning, unconditional love will grow softly in the hearts of all within the Earth sphere. We wish to begin in the smallest way in order to begin at the beginning, so to speak."

(Information received 13 May 2010)

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Channelled November 2009


We come from Source in preparation for the major consciousness shift known as Ascension within this world. We bring the frequencies of light known as SoNa Radiance and are known as SoNa beings. Our consciousness is a unified consciousness, not separate or in duality as you experience life. We are pure emanations of light that come directly from Source. Our purpose is to illuminate spheres of consciousness with divine frequencies that bring about significant and powerful impetus for paradigm shift. Your world, through the work of the incarnate light force and substantial attention given by spirit, is on the cusp of a major opportunity for such a paradigm shift. The significant alignments of the planetary spheres and the life cycles all converge at this time to make possible such a shift. Seldom do we enter any sphere of consciousness with such a directive from Source to act for the divine interest. We see this world on a fulcrum point, a position at which major re-alignment is possible yet not certain. Its direction may tip one way or another. We come to act for the divine to encourage a positive, light-filled direction to be chosen by the incarnate people and life forms within the Earth sphere.


We act purely from unconditional love. We are gentle and united in our loving action and project the frequencies of light known as SoNa through your galactic centre and through your solar sun. Indeed, in communicating with you now we are radiating this frequency in you and into the world through you. It is a gentle radiance that communicates the new principles of light which are to be made available to this world across all of your bodies and consciousness. It is a frequency of unconditional love that is filled with illumination for positive choice, holding the qualities of compassion, gentleness, hopefulness, divinity and peace. The radiance encompasses the frequency spectrum known as the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.


SoNa Radiance from 14 May 2010

From 14 May 2010 it has been decreed by Source that this radiance will be transmitted continuously into the Earth sphere to support new consciousness choice, inner realisation and a paradigm shift that will lead this planetary sphere to move towards the fifth dimension. We seek only to serve and preserve life everywhere. Where there is decay, we repair and renew. We flood the light spectrum with such beauty, gentleness and hope that new life paradigm is born in the heart and expressed gently through the soul. This opening to divinity within an individual is supported by SoNa. It is as if a pathway is opened from the soul of a person / point of consciousness through which the true expression of life may be transmitted. We seek only to serve and preserve life. This transmission of truth and simplicity lovingly reaches out to the spirit or essence caught in the illusion paradigm in which many beings experience life in this world. Gently this SoNa Source-radiance causes a great awakening within to stir the essence to see beyond itself and the patterns of limitation that it has adopted and thus to break free of these limitations by its own choice. Only by self-determination can any real and lasting change come about. It must of course come from within. Anything that comes from outside the being cannot last and will fall away in due course.


From 14 May 2010 we will build the radiance of SoNa so that the impact, which will be extremely subtle and gentle at first, will grow in light and loving power so that the world sphere slowly becomes immersed in this high-frequency Source-light. Source offers this world a choice at this moment in its history, either to renew and rebuild itself from the inside or to continue to repeat the existing conflict/duality paradigm. The window of opportunity has arrived and the choices made by all points of consciousness within the Earth sphere will determine its collective choice, the consciousness paradigm that will prevail after the window closes. Source does not interfere in that choice. Instead it has sent the light force to encourage the higher choice. It has sent SoNa to present the information and inner self-realisation that can lead to a higher choice being made and acted upon.


We encourage a great gathering of beings across all levels and planes of consciousness within the Earth sphere on the 14th of May to support and welcome in this new SoNa Radiance from the divine. By gathering and acting together you are choosing to accept the divine resonance that Source offers to this world and to witness the birthing of the fifth dimensional consciousness paradigm light transmissions through the Source frequency SoNa. Your worldwide internet connection can facilitate so much and bring together many light-force members who feel the truth of this information on this date. A great opportunity awaits this world on this day. So much can be released as the gateways of new paradigm consciousness open. Using the I Am Consciousness Stream (River of Light) and the Divine Gateways that Shabdan - together with many thousands of people worldwide - requested to remain open in January 2007, a great purging of lesser consciousness can take place across the Earth sphere. We encourage highest action and loving choice. We bless you and honour you in your choosing.


Peace to you, SoNa.



Many entities or discarnate people are still present in the world and a good number have been locked into the Earth by people working with outdated paradigms. Now we need to clear them all from the world in order to purify world vibration for the coming paradigm shift beginning in 2010. In addition, I have noticed that many young children, including babies and even babies still in the womb are now acting to release their karmic burden in order to have the best opportunity to meet the consciousness paradigm shift coming to this world. Children previously didn’t usually start to inherit their karma until their mid teens. Also, very many beings who have incarnated throughout the ages and various civilisations of Earth are present now – all waiting for the opportunity to move up the consciousness scale. It seems to me that because the spiritual truths are neither recognised nor taught in our schools and therefore are not part of the common consciousness, there is a great lack of knowledge about how to transmute both karma (lifetime imbalance) and the considerable trauma and emotional distress held in the physical and metaphysical bodies.


Perhaps we are seeing this deep distress reflected in the unprecedented climactic conditions and increasingly disturbed weather patterns we now face (according to some scientists, the current levels of carbon in our atmosphere would – on the basis of past cycles researched through ice core samples – probably already have led in the past to an ice age and a renewal of the life cycle on the planet, but this time the temperature and atmospheric carbon level are going well off the scale).


The SoNa Radiance entering the world on the 14th of May that I am working now to facilitate offers us the opportunity for healing and release that can truly make a significant difference to achieving a positive consciousness paradigm shift. This forthcoming date promises to be a unique and powerful time for world transformation that cannot be stopped or blocked by the fear consciousness prevalent in our world today either through ignorance and suffering or by those who hold a closed consciousness to evolution. It is an action decreed by Source and it is simply Love. All things yield to Love in the end.




SoNa Day – 14 May 2010

Join me in witnessing the birth of this amazing Source radiance and let us work gently together to release as many entities and as much world karma and emotion as possible for everyone, especially for our children who have come to add their light and are suffering so deeply at this time. Let us work to release the deep burden being carried by the devic, mineral and nature kingdoms and all related spheres of consciousness. Let us help to awaken all life on the planet and within it, and to help them to receive and accept the beautiful SoNa Radiance offered to us by loving Source


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