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The unsettled summer weather was perhaps a reflection of the emotional needs of the western population of the world - the pent-up uncried emotion of the mind. The deeper we go into the material world and seek increasing distraction in technology and the information that streams into our minds through the internet, TV and radio, the deeper we move into a dumbing-down of our consciousness. The blandness creeping into some of these media is so apparent. The speed of life that feels out of control and the “input” we are all expected to absorb and process from our work, family responsibilities, and high-tech world environment, is overloading our ability to pause for breath. These things act to shut out the still, small voice within. This pace of life and saturation-level content is reducing attention span and, in some ways, increasing the appetite of the mind for yet more input, more trivia, more detail to occupy it for one more moment, for another second, giving it extended unconscious life.

How can the heart compete? How can the essence of you draw breath and remember itself? Whilst the world is driven by the need for expansionist economies and profit, we can never find the true value of ourselves and of life. Certainly this is all experience, and in a zone of free will like this planet it is completely permissible and a part of the rich tapestry of possibilities on offer to us. But is this what we are really choosing for ourselves? Are we so very lost inside or have we temporarily taken a left turn off the highway into a cul-de-sac, looking out of curiosity at a particular aspect of being, one that unravels the tapestry, causing wavy threads to unpick even further? The divine allows for all possibilities and holds no limitation on choice in this world environment. There is no right and wrong, only consequence and consequences for actions. 

Remember the card trick called the “Flying Fifty-Two” where some older relative with a twinkle in their eye extracted a promise from you, a young innocent, to do whatever they asked after they showed you the trick and you in your naivety, desperate to experience something magical, readily agreed? Then the cards sailed across the room landing randomly across the floor - fifty-two cards in a mess on the carpet. And the uncle then asks you to pick them up? I remember the injustice of it, the deep disappointment of being duped by an empty piece of illusion, crying as I was made to crawl undignified about the floor and recover the errant fifty-two cards. Consequences. 

Perhaps in life we are seeking the magical, some evidence of the unfathomable, the divine. Electronics are unfathomable to me and their ability to affect a sound recording in my recording studio did hold some of that magic for me. I used to be awed by the flashing coloured lights on the recording equipment – the so-called outboard gear built into a rack beside the tape recorder. You couldn’t have enough flashing lights – more lights meant more magic! Perhaps I was seeking the heavens in that insular environment, micro-electronics twinkling like macro cosmic stars. I think we all are seeking that “je ne sais quoi”, that something undefinable which will awe us and rekindle the flame of divine being. For me, the sparkle of the studio lights being replaced by simulated flashing lights on a computer screen has not only made me feel insular because I cannot get my hands on the knobs and sockets and physically affect the flashing lights, but also sad because they have dulled to pixellated points of colour. The interaction of the zeros and ones that build complex computer programmes, which can emulate the electronic processors I used to have, seems devoid of an unfathomable heart I used to find inside the boxes of flashing lights that made the studio a truly special environment to sit in. The magic is gone.

Now I am forced to seek the joy of recording not in the manipulation of the music through the racked tools of the trade but in its content. I have to retreat inwards to find the creative sparkle inside me and join with the unfathomable to make magical music. I am driven inwards to my heart by the material world that has become so apparently a digital environment, an illusion of zeros and ones in abundance. For many, the increase in cheap goods and the advent of modern manufacturing methods have placed so much more within reach. Disposable income has increased to the level where I can have what has become much more than my fair share of the planetary resources. The whole thing is out of balance – and the more I can have, the less it is of value to me. There is no magic here, just increasing blandness of similar experiences, another piece of clothing, another simulated piece of equipment that processes sound, another meal in a restaurant… the list is increasing. Within it all is a deepening emptiness that is less and less satisfying. I need more, much more. And yet I need nothing.

You have to break the cycle of needing, wanting, input. You have to seek out the real from the unreal, the truth from the illusion. This is most definitely a moment in history where it is time to come out of the cul-de-sac and get back onto the highway of life. The stars are still twinkling in the firmament, a reflection in the macro of the magical quantum essence deep inside. The real truth is in there, between the particles that create form, even between the waves of information that coalesce into form, deep inside the nothingness which is everything. 

Meditation can take you there to that no-place of deeply satisfying pure consciousness state. There in that place of pure joy and deep stillness, the world of form becomes formless and complexity gives way to simplicity. There in that no-place a foundation so strong can be built that is life-supporting and life-anchoring against the rushing tide of unnatural being. Seek out the lesser form, the simplicity, the solitude and quietness inside you and in the world. Become still and feel the deep rhythm of the divine undercurrent taking increasing hold of this planet right now. Synchronise your vibration to this divine calling and set your inner sail to the cosmic breath, riding the solar winds of change blowing through this world, taking you to the heavens beyond the mortal form. 

Life is everything and it is nothing. It is full-on expression in form and it is stillness and everything between. We have experienced the beginning and the middle, and there can be no better time to experience the end, the last of it, that can so transform your being and set you free, ending the suffering of the mind as it steps into a new form of being, revealing the essence of itself to be the magnificence of ever-present divine consciousness.

Perhaps the illusion will burn out for others as it has for me. That can be the only outcome of such temporary form. It used to be fun, but now I see through it. Now I am ready for something new, built of something more substantial, the ethereal consciousness of Love.

Come now blessed friend, let us walk this new path together.


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