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Technical Enlightenment and Returning to Centre.

The joy of being is in the profound stillness of the heart. The rest is movement of the mind on the cinematic projection of this world. Completeness is found in the joy of being. You are complete in stillness.

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How do we become this place of completeness? Athaerianne, a tenth dimensional part of Pallas Athena tells me that many masters have been trapped here for millennia seeking completeness, achieving a form of limited enlightenment – I call it technical enlightenment – a state of refined vibration where the unhealed karma and emotion is cast aside, held in a vessel that is disconnected from the self or hidden in other people – or both. Technical enlightenment leads to reincarnation to pick up the pieces left unhealed. A friend once said to me,

 “It is like being on an elastic band. You can only go away from centre so far before the elastic gets tight and pulls you back to the centre”.

Many of us have done just that. Perhaps in some ways it is why we came. Now, however, the elastic is stretched to the limit and is demanding to contract and draw us back to the centre of our being. It is just in its nature. You could say that we have stretched the band so far over many lifetimes that we have become lost in the illusion of the mind world we came to experience. We have built up belief systems about who and what we truly are because we have forgotten ourselves in the complex webs that we have woven ourselves into. We speak of spiritual truths, but are these fabrications? Are they simply patterns that appear in the warp and weft and we - so far from centre - interpret them, seeing form where there is nothing but the patterns of an over-developed mind?

Now, when we feel the pull of the elastic, we fail to understand the feeling and cling desperately to that which has become our reality, fighting that drowning feeling pulling at us and demanding our return to true centre. We listen discerningly to our hearts, seeking some higher wisdom, but it can be no more than a frosting on the glass. Our window to the soul may be clouded by our own breath which has taken on a life of its own.

Why do I speak like this? I have said it for years but perhaps I didn’t really get it: we need healing above all else. We need to heal everything, every agenda, every issue, every emotion and attachment… These words tumble out like mantras, easily said, their meaning lost to us in their repetition.

I have helped to rescue many clients from dark, ensnared places. It is not an easy thing, caught as they are in their own webs, spun for eons. Clients have come and they have gone. Not all who have gone have understood. They seek otherwise – and who am I to judge? I have nothing to say… except this: where have they gone to? Is it closer to the heart or back into the illusion? I cannot say, but given the propensity to lay the baggage of life to one side and concentrate on the feeling you get from purification – a feeling that can become like a drug – there is a real danger of repeating a long-held pattern, one that will keep us here for another lifetime and perhaps longer still.

I say these things to awaken truth. If truth is truly held, these things I say will be shown for what they are: truth or otherwise. If truth is not held, if self-doubt creeps in as this passage is read, then an awakening is occurring, something deeper. Perhaps the pull of the elastic band is felt.

ethereal 2.jpgIn the end we will return to our centre. It is inevitable – a spiritual undeniable truth – but it doesn’t have to be painful. The pain comes from the beliefs of the mind. Do what your heart is really telling you… let go, let the elastic take you home now and surrender every thought, emotion, pattern, belief and attachment to things, people and places. Make this the motivation to rise in the morning, for at the end of the day you will be closer to the truth of yourself than you have ever been before in this world. Make no excuses. Do not seek outwards in things outside of yourself. Seek inwards, become still as a pool of water, one that you might find in woodland, fed by a stream that gently trickles in and softly flows out - the flow of life, the stillness of true peace, the reflection of your surrounding environment so perfect, with you content to be this mirror of perfection. After all it is what we truly are, nothing more, nothing less - heaven and earth reflected, one in the other, in perfect harmony.





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