Joy comes to the heart through the place of deep inner stillness, the place of divine connection and peace. It is a robust state of being that can withstand the ebb and flow of life, the buffeting of the wind and mood swings of the unhealed elements of self. Only determination to hold your course regardless of the weather can get you there. Deep patience is needed when the floods of emotion come or the unresolved karma wells up and spills over into your serenity. Every step is a forward step no matter how difficult the pathway is. Even when the patterns appear to be repeating themselves, they are not. There is always a subtle difference. You are not the same person now as when that pattern was formed, or last met. You are constantly evolving and this brings new perspective, hope and purpose, and a depth of being that can stand, where before you might have wilted.


I feel the benefit of the energy of this special time. It seems that healing and consciousness transformation is easier, faster and deeper now. I encourage you to spend time with yourself and to listen to the inner silence – the heart guidance and inspiration that can reveal the essence of self. Great changes are definitely possible now. The divine is calling. Love waits in the wings for you to write its new and compassionate part in your life.


The courses I have been running are teaching me many things and the healing work is deepening. The feedback has been really nice and supportive and I am so honoured to be able to work with such wonderful people, committed to their healing journeys as they are. The November 17-23 course has one or two places left for anyone who might be interested at this late stage in joining us for a remarkable week of healing and self development, shared cooking and loving company, evenings by an open fire, music… Well, what can I say, who could resist? If you would like to know more, go to the Iona Light workshop page for details.


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