Further to my blog posting on my website on 1 September, I see it now. There is one universal answer to all that we seek and that answer is LIGHT. Personally accessing the Light, drawing it into ourselves and sharing it with the world. There is no point of view, no argument, no perspective or right or wrong and no resulting attitude to Light. There is only illumination, acceptance and evolution of consciousness. All things mend through Light. ... In whatever way you know how and can, bring Light into yourself and share it with the world in every moment that you can... This is our way forward, our future and the answer to all that we seek here within the Earth sphere. Through Light we may reconcile so much of what is out of balance here on Earth and shift our consciousness back to the Light from where we came... Let Light, light you up and let that illumination bring you so much Love and unending Peace, Shabdan xx


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