We are gearing up for the World Illumination Spiritual Event (W.I.S.E)... Learning how to circulate this W.I.S.E. action on Facebook, promoting it on the More to Life website  and sharing information with people to encourage them to take part in this special opportunity to serve the world. At this time in 2012 - an important point in the world calendar - we really can make a difference by clearing entities, emotion and karma right across the world through a coordinated action. I ask you to take part and to email, facebook and talk to your friends to encourage them to help us all.

Spiritual Play Week is coming up soon too and Shastra and I are preparing for that as well. Hopefully the weather will hold and our camping experience will be enjoyable... campfires, meditation, healing, visiting Ripon Cathedral, fun for the children... relaxation... go and have a look at the Iona Light pages for details - it is not too late to join us!


Email: shabdan@shabdan.com
Phone: 07786692822

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