11 August 2013

I am looking forward to the next W.I.S.E. action. The subject of the August action (available around the 20th of August) is chakra clearing for you and for the world. Certainly the July action on clearing emotion appeared to be effective. Some of my clients are using it as a healing tool to let go of many layers of emotion - one has repeated it eight times so far! The inclusion of divine intercession, which is offered to us through the July and August actions, has really stepped up the healing power and depth of clearing. I have been given insights into the forthcoming August action and I already know how wonderful it is going to be! The July and August actions represent two tools that are going to be really useful for self-healing work - and they will soon both be available to you to use any time you need them for free! The July action will be moved to the W.I.S.E. archive page when the August action is posted on the W.I.S.E. page.

The Nykon Wave

Meanwhile, I am working to bring in a wonderful new energy called the Nykon Wave. The Nykon Wave is accessed through the Keys of Creation and the Devic Light Codes and it is a very pure and gentle fifth dimensional Love frequency that I have found a way of imprinting into - for example - shawls and blankets. A few clients have had the opportunity to try out this beautiful energy already, on a Master Class earlier this year. There was keen competiton to have a turn at using one of the two imprinted blankets I had brought for them to wrap themselves in while we worked! The joy of the Nykon Wave is that it is supportive and gently healing without demanding deep releasing. It is simply Love, and we all know what Love does when it is given a chance in this world! You can wear the shawl for meditation and healing or just for going out and about in the world, and use the blanket either to wrap around you or sleep under through the night. The Nykon Wave has a subtle feeling that gradually calms you down and holds you in a loving space. It will be launched in September.


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