Winter is upon us and yet we are blessed with mild weather to temper our hearts. The season draws us inwards to the roots of ourselves to renew, to revitalise and regrow in the early spring of the coming year. I have been feeling the signals of the turning seasons within me, the changing light, the softening of the full greens of late summer to the golden hues of autumn and now the darkening of the landscape as the trees bare branches of greys and earth browns cast a shadow across the outer world, have been drawing me ever more deeply inside myself. I draw closer to the hearth, the blazing sunset skies and fire within burns brightly. I am warmed and nurtured by my soul.

This is a time for reflection, for healing and recovery. For me it is a season where I review myself, my life and my healing process. The creativity of the heart opens in new ways, for just like the current season I too am busy in unseen ways, deep on the inside. The music I play on my harp guitar takes me to new places, my spiritual research and writings evolve. I am content and at peace, here in the heart of winter time.


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