I am grateful to everyone who is still working to bring this world to a higher consciousness level through W.I.S.E. - this simple event is going on and on... the power of a few holds great weight in this world through such an action. I am looking forward to the next event at the end of this month and invite you to join me at that time. I will be at the Harrogate Health and Healing Fair on 29 and 30 September and have arranged a workshop on Sunday 30 September at 12.30pm during which I will conduct a live W.I.S.E. action. If you are in the neighbourhood, perhaps you would like to join me there. It will a pleasure to have your company!

As the year unfolds many gifts of healing are brought to us - many opportunities to advance our cause on the Earth, the freeing up of consciousness on the planet and the continuing process of self-realisation. At this time the clients I am working with directly are certainly taking positive action to self-realise and I see that they are making good progress. It is also a challenging time with lots of changes taking place for many. Life circumstances are causing shifts in both the spiritual and the physical, helping us to become more real and more aligned to our true selves. This is of course is not always easy and it is a time for us to dig deep into our reserves and set ourselves firmly to succeed. In the end, it is all good character building stuff! Isn't that what we came here for in the first place? Above all I encourage patience and stillness in the face of adversity. Come to embrace every challenge with gentle loving acceptance, knowing that you have ordered it up at some level of your being - all for your spiritual advancement. Be light of heart. Be stout of heart and know, absolutely know that everything that you think, feel and say is leading forward, no matter how it may seem at the time.

We are blessed, me and you, to be on the Earth at this time, incarnate, up close and personal, to experience one of the greatest epochs of life on this planet!


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