I am hard at work with a small but dedicated team at The Source Project. We are preparing the way for the coming courses and summer retreats. Our workspace looks really nice - and the energy, wow! It has been so peaceful working on it and I feel we have all been changed by the experience by just being in the space all that time.

We have begun a growing project. This is a simple experiment to see how we can work much more closely wioth the devas and revitalise the food to provide prana as it used to do. The results of this work should begin from mid summer onwards as we harvest a modest crop from the greenhouse. More information will appear here in due course.

There is such excitement in the air around the Project centre. The angels are singing, the nature spirits and devas are waiting patiently with such joy and the people around the project can feel its promise. We are looking forward to opening up this beautiful Shambhala energy. I hope that you will want to explore this further and help us to develop this important work in due course.

Once we have broadband connection on the site I'll be updating this website and writing blogs more regularly. - Hope to do this soon.


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