I have had a break from blogging for about two months now - and those of you who have been following the W.I.S.E. actions will see that there has been no action for the last two months. I have been busy doing other things and travelling a bit, getting my thoughts together. I see many changes coming to this world now as a result of 21 December 2012. Certainly the Laws of Karma are changing and this shift is enabling spirit to intervene more directly in this world through the Ascension Window that opened on 21.12.12. I have spoken about this before but I am witnessing even greater changes with that intervention increasing. About a month ago the world was offered Divine Intercession - a direct interceding in the free will of this planet by the Divine. This is a remarkable and unprecedented change. It is widely understood that we have been given free will on Earth and that it will not be rescinded. However it appears that the Divine has chosen to intervene strategically in our free will, nudging the planet back on course here, supporting individual growth to keep the momentum of the ascension process moving forward there.

This intercession is a great gift of Love to our world from Creation that is doing all that it can to help us to evolve our consciousness and not get stuck in a world that is simultaneously discovering the divinity of itself and the technological revolution that is vastly speeding up. It would seem to me that we are at a critical point in time where the essence our ourselves is facing the possibility of being overwhelmed by the explorations of the mind. It is a time to tread carefully for those on the spiritual path and to practice meditation and self-healing to help clear the many elements of our unconscious selves that are surfacing through the impetus of evolving planetary consciousness, yet taunted by the candy store with all of its flavours and sweet scents that are enticing us to linger and to play just a little while longer in this rich playground of the third dimension.

There is nothing wrong with playing because we learn through our play, but it is easy to become lost in thought, lost in the mind labyrinths that wander in circles, providing short-term satisfaction that builds an insatiable appetite for ever greater input from the outer world. This in turn can lead to an increasing level of restless inside where the spiritual is nurtured less and the hollowing out of true being begins to feel like a void.

We are living in remakable times. It is one of the most exciting and perhaps the greatest opportunity for spiritual advancement we have ever experienced. We just need to be vigilant and determined to hold our true course and navigate with discernment, and with Love in our hearts.


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