Shambhala unfolds... we have been able to run a very successful pilot project this year and a group of people have worked steadily, healing deeply through the intensive Master Classes. At the project site new energies have been discovered that will help us all to raise our consciousness. and there is no doubt that this is a very special location. However, the true Shambhala lies deeply inside every one of us. I believe that the next level of consciousness, which we are all working towards, lies in Shambhala. There is no question that this has been a challenging period for us all. It's funny how we have been saying that for a number of years now. Of course this is because the planet's vibration is constantly rising, so that we must find a new equilibrium within ourselves in relation to the new levels of light reaching this world.

Certainly the weather this year has reflected our inner struggle. All over the world unusual weather patterns have stretched human resources to the extreme. The Source Project did not escape untouched! In September a gale ripped out the toggles along the whole length of one side of the marquee roof. Luckily this was during the day when other people were around and we could get hold of the roof. I went inside to see how bad the damage was and it took me a moment to abosorb the inevitable. I looked through the window at Shastra who was outside holding onto the roof for dear life as the wind tried to lift the whole marquee in the air and said, "We're going to have to take the roof off completely." She blinked and shouted, "But isn't there anything else we can do?"  I told her, "We have a really serious probIem here and we're going to have to take the roof off in this gale!" I saw the realisation dawn! I set about clearing the marquee whilst some of our friends helped and others continued to hold the roof down. The wind was really wild - thankfully it was not raining - and the tubular metal frame was rocking and creaking loudly. Bravely we undid the remaining bungee toggles holding the rest of the roof, released some straps that held the the whole roof and marquee down and... divine intervention, the wind dropped to a gentle breeze! The roof just sat there not moving. I had expected Mary Poppins to appear over the field and for us all to be joining her sailing over the hills holding on to the roof of the marquee and trying to land it safely, but it was not to be. We used some long sticks and a broom to lever the damaged roof gently off the frame and it fell to earth ready to fold away. Providence took care of us: a week later we had even stronger winds in the middle of the night, with heavy driving rain, that would certainly have blown the marquee away, but it was already safely stored by then.

I feel very excited by the work we have been doing at the Project. I have learned a great deal this year and grown a lot myself. Focusing on Shambhala all the time has really helped me to develop. The energy seems to work quite subtly within, unlocking deep-set issues and moulding the consciousness to a clearer level. The importance of the project lies in directing all that we are learning and unfolding here out into the world. New tools are being developed and my thinking is evolving. Shambhala lies in the heart. If we can open that pathway then living in Shambhala doesn't require the Source Project to be in any particular location - it can be accessed in the moment wherever you are.

The future is bright: just think what a dedicated group of people holding higher consciousness can achieve. The Source Project is global. We hold in our hands an opportunity to build a network that can reach right around the world and into the common consciousness. I will be spending the winter months developing my vision and I will post new blogs  as it evolves.


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