I have been working to develop ways in which I can be of real service to the world over the last few months. I have been carrying out research into powerful new ways to work with clients. As a part of this development work, I am planning a series of 6-day intensive workshops with a maximum of 4 participants on each course to enable me to spend enough time with each person, helping them to reach deeply into the hidden places inside that mask their true nature and light. This workshop series is by invitation, but I will be sending out an email to the email subscribers list inviting application to the course for consideration - this is to ensure that participants are able to get the best from the course.

There is a new CD on the way called "Natural Health". Early trials are promising. This CD has embedded within it the 3 Sacred Prayers that are the subject of an earlier CD release. Layered on top of this powerful invocation are a series of Anaritas light language phrases that help the body to adopt a state of natural health once more. Guiding your attention through the 40 minutes is my voice talking softly to you, encouraging the surrender of the limiting patterns that impede a state of good health. More information on this CD will follow soon.


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