People are reporting to me that they are not sleeping very well, with the long hours of the night counted off one by one. Others report that they cannot manage to fall into deep sleep, feeling gradually more exhausted as time passes.

There are important reasons for this. Here is a channelling from METATRON that may offer you some insight at this time:

Greetings and many blessings, breathe in deeply and receive this light and healing that I offer you now as you read this text. The fragmentation of your consciousness is receiving healing from the divine through the gentle and loving action of divine intercession. This fragmentation lies deeply within the fabric of your projected light consciousness within the Earth sphere and has troubled you for eons. It is an ancient discordance that has caused a great deal of suffering but it has also opened many pathways to the lesser self, the unexplored parts of you that you have chosen of your own free will to meet and to reconcile.

It is no secret that this process has taken you a long way into the lesser planes of consciousness and confused your many aspects – the parts of you that have lost their orientation and sense of themselves. They have long-since identified with the experiences they are immersed in and fight the divine self – the real you.

Many of the light force have truly lost themselves in this way, their divine connection weakened and distorted as a result.

Through the gentle and loving action of the evolving magnetic consciousness of the planet and through the grace of the divine, new patterns of light are now influencing this fragmentation, entraining the broken elements, bringing them back to wholeness, towards their true unified state. This unification is a process of reconciliation that resolves the duality of Earth, leading it closer to a state of unity and natural order. The Earth sphere is slowly transiting towards a higher state of manifested form.

Consequently, the entrainment is causing further confusion to the disorientated selves in the short term. They are losing their sense of themselves - their identity in the lesser planes - and cannot find any place inside that they can call home. They are on edge and seek comfort and support; restless and wary they cannot relax and trust to gentle slumbers of the night.

Surrender as you can to this profound re-orientation of your consciousness in all that you are. Be as patient and as still as you can manage. Seek solace and support in light meditation, linking with the divine and the boundless love offered to you at this time.

There is unrest in the lesser planes as this powerful influence of entrainment is felt throughout all spheres of consciousness. Resistance meets love and gives way, but it fears its transformation and struggles to surrender. Remember that we are all a part of the one state. There is no separation between us and so the conflict is all ours, it is our unhealed selves fighting us, fearing us, the light that we are also, the divine that we are also. We come to rescue ourselves; we have chosen to do so now in this moment. We have waited for this time and now it is upon us. We are rising up from deep within ourselves, making whole all that was fragmented, remembering ourselves and coming back to the unified state, that which is whole, that which is One.



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