The Pull of Apathy

Have you noticed feelings of apathy lately? I have noticed this in myself and in occasional reports from clients who are finding it hard to keep up their spiritual practice. This is a real pull affecting us all, encouraging us to remain unconscious, like a sign saying, “Do not disturb the sleeping human beings”  posted on the planetary door! Despite the wonderful consciousness shifts that are taking place within, and the struggles for freedom, there is the mind to contend with and you may be feeling the effects of this. The mind doesn’t want to awaken and give way to Love. It is still deeply afraid, leading to a feeling of apathy inside as a reaction to the many new patterns of consciousness buffeting our illusionary state of being.

New Waves of Illumination in the Autumn

Take heart and be patient - this state of apathy will pass. There is help on the way. The autumn will see great waves of illumination reaching inside the fear in the mind and helping it to move on. This process will begin at the new moon in September and continue indefinitely, becoming a part of the information matrix that is brought to us from the divine through the Divine Portals of Love (see blog entry of 17th August 2011).

If You Are Tired… Take Heart

The many shifts around the world are affecting us all. We are, after all, part of One. The people who fight so valiantly for their freedom in the Middle East and elsewhere and the financial crisis that plagues the western world, together with the recent social unrest in Britain, are all sapping our energy as we collectively struggle towards a new world order.

Be patient and be still in the face of worldwide unrest and the effect that it is having on you. We will pass through this phase in due course. Be loving towards yourself and accept that the changes will help you too in due course. They not only free up the oppressed consciousness of those parts of the world directly affected by the actions that are leading to renewal, they also act on you. They are changing that part of you that is unconscious, so while you may not feel able to progress as fast as you would like to spiritually, the work is being done for you  through others!

We will come out of this much stronger and clearer, and then your spiritual unfoldment will become easier again. Give your loving support to the ever-changing world and patiently await the moment when your energy returns and you can sail forth once more.


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