I have arranged a course to run at The Haybergill Centre, 1-3 June 2012 to experiment on a very willing group of spiritual guinea pigs! (Details are on Iona Light Workshops page.) This is an exciting opportunity to see what I have been up to over the recent months. Interest in this course has been very good and there are now only a few places left. The development work continues and you could say that in a sense I have had a real break through with the work I have been doing to make it easier for us all to move our consciousness much closer to the fifth dimension. Even since advertising the course, I have been able to crystalise new elements and will bring them to my willing audience over the weekend. If these things prove to be successful, I will roll them out for general use as tools and further workshops over the summer and autumn. I feel that tools are important. It is all well and good attending a workshop now and then but what happens in your life between the workshops is always the important bit.Time and again people have said to me, "how can I help myself?" The answer has to be tools that work effectively and support spiritual growth and reconciliation of the emotion, karma and control issues that affect us as we move from the third dimensional paradigm towards the fifth dimension, together with healing techniques that you can apply to yourself. The new level of tools I am developing will hopefully make it easier to release the many things that keep us struggling to find peace. Why the fifth dimension? Why strive to go there? Fundamentally, we seek true and lasting peace. A peace that is unbroken by emotional outbursts and stressfull situations that we meet in our lives - and many other things that can so easily disturb our fragile spiritual balance. That peace is a reconciliation of the emotion, karma and control issues. The very action of that healing process takes our vibration up and we will inevitably spiral towards a consciousness threshold that is actually fifth dimensional in relation to our currently increasing vibrational level. I understand that often people are more interested in just finding a little peace, a refuge or a plateau of spiritual stability and that the greater picture may well seem to be beyond them. I have such compassion for that perspective. In truth it is about the present moment after all... clearing the next bit to get some peace. However that step is a step along the way - in the greater picture - and is always leading us forward to a new and loving consciousness paradigm that becomes our stable reality... the fifth dimension.


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