In addition to the intensive workshops detailed below, I have been considering offering retreat time as well. We are keen to forge ahead and I know many people are working very hard to clear themselves. However, it is important to stop and take stock, to contemplate and consolidate. The details of how I can set this up are in the cooking pot right now. I'll let you know.

I have recently constructed a pyramid temple, my temple space, known as the Temple of Ank-Qor. It's the temple of Lord Anju and Lady Anui - my higher self and twin flame. Many years ago my eldest son, then around 7 years old, said to me, "Dad, do you know that you have your own temple? Its called Ank-Qor!" He said, "you have to miss out the "u" after the "Q" to make it sound right!" Well... I checked it out and went into a beautiful temple space, lined on the inside and out with white marble. It's a much taller temple than the Giza pyramids with the apex actually in Source.

The copper tube pyramid I have constructed has a wooden base with Key symbols on it - similar to those that characterise my other symbol work. They attune the temple space to a very fine frequency and I have been able to incorporate a light space that helps you clear emotion and karma very easily and quickly, peeling layers gently and completely. I'm going to make a small number of them for the intensive workshops and use them in the healing work.

I have always believed that best possibilities for a new world vibration level will be served well by a dedicated and growing group of people, holding as clear a vibration as possible, manifesting "limitless possibilities" through their clear consciousness. The work of the Source Project intends to offer just that. I am looking forward to discovering its limitless potential and through Shambhala, a divine consciousness expression that radiates directly from Source through all of the ascended planes and dimensions - unfold all that I can. We are the creators of our world... what do we choose?


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