Time to Reflect...

I have had some time recently to reflect, to heal for myself and to develop this website - as you will see if you are a regular visitor. Time, in this sense, is so important.

Harp Guitar

I have been able to spend time playing the Harp Guitar that I first commissioned over three years ago. Jim Fleeting built it, and we worked together on the aesthetics of the design. It has taken some time to finalise everything, but the most recent changes have improved the sound and made it easier for me to tune - and to keep the whole instrument in tune. The joy I feel in playing this wonderful instrument is beyond description. The chord combinations that are possible through playing the 6-string guitar and the 6-paired stringed harp are unexpected and very pleasing to the ear. As I develop my skill in playing the 24 strings, I hope to make some recordings to share the joy I have found on this Harp Guitar!


I have had  honour to work with a number of people recently in telephone healing sessions and I am so pleased to see their level of commitment, courage and determination to clarify their consciousness. We are digging deeply into karmic and emotional issues and, most important of all, I am seeing their spiritual growth as they work well between sessions, helping themselves with solid healing practice. The benefits are plain to see. Consistency is definitely the key.

Clearly this time is challenging, with many issues surfacing. The Light Grids around the Earth seem to have been interfered with and this distortion appears to be affecting the consciousness of the planet. Spirit have been working to make energetic corrections to keep the Ascension Plan on track. This seems also to be affecting the people I am working with - they report symptoms that reflect this situation. I encourage them and you to see beyond any limitation and to understand that, as a master of light, you have the capability to overcome absolutely any obstacle placed in your way. Be patient, be strong and determined - and you will succeed.

New Healing Pages...

I have recently added a "Personal Healing" page which you will see in the picture here. Click on it to receive free healing for as long as you want to. People are telling me that they are finding this page helpful. I hope you find a benefit from it too. It is there twenty-four-seven, which of course, I am not! I am also experimenting with another healing page which takes you in to the Light Chamber of the Lords of Karma for the deep clearing of karmic issues. Early indications suggest that this will be very helpful for anyone who needs help with their healing process.

I cannot stress enough how important I feel self-healing is right now. I appreciate that this tends to be a theme with me. However, the opportunity that is coming to the Earth for all of us has never been so great and we owe it to ourselves to take full advantage of the thinning of the veils, so to speak, and the possibility of ascending out of this world to a new and higher paradigm of pure unconditional Love consciousness.

I appreciate that the cost of getting the help of a good healer to facilitate enough deep healing and clearing is most likely out of reach for most, especially in these prudent times. But an intensive level of healing is what we all need. It is the single most important element to achieving an unconditional loving consciousness level. The new healing page under development is designed to offer substantial and on-going healing for anyone that would like it, at any time of day or night, simply by accessing this website, wherever you are in the world. All being well this will be opened up very soon. I plan to offer this special healing page in an exchange of energy, healing for a donation to keep a balance between us. Details will be available soon.


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