I am excited to be able to offer a W.I.S.E. action on 22 July - the full moon. This is the first one for six months and it involves divine intercession to help clear a lot of emotional layers from the participants and from the world. Click the link above for further information and to take part if you feel drawn to do so. Next month's W.I.S.E. action is all about clearing the chakras and I hope that you would like to join me for that one too!

I have also formally launched the Light Key System after many years of research and development work. It combines spiritual technology and light keys to make a very effective self-healing tool that also creates a positive healing space in your home or healing practice. The system has been trialed by a growing group of people since last autumn. This has allowed me to realise its rather special potential and to perfect the system. The feedback from participants is very positive and people are beginning to show The Light Key System to their friends who are then interested in joining in. I feel it is a good sign of a helpful and effective healing system when word of mouth brings new participants. Please have a look at the light key page on the Iona Light website for further information (opens in a new page).

There is a real push from the divine to release emotion at this time. My clients are reflecting this to me in their healing sessions and I am personally aware of the importance of giving enough healing time to myself. Things are moving quickly now towards real and lasting inner change. The first and most important step that we all need to take is to clear emotion - not just some of it but all of it. It takes time and commitment, that is true, but the rewards are immense: the freedom from attachment; the certainty that everything is all right with your world; and the peace that is founded on deep roots anchored in the divine. Take this step my friends, heal deeply and allow yourself to be all that you truly are - a master in the light. You can find help in the next two W.I.S.E. actions. You can find help in the Light Key System. Most of all, you can find all the help you need deep inside you by simply allowing your heart to speak. Let it speak, stand aside, feel your emotions but also feel the courage that is there inside you and lay that fear to one side. The true, authentic voice of the divine is right there in your heart chakra, just as it has always been, waiting for you to recognise it and to surrender to it... joy waits patiently in the light for that freedom of being which comes from the surrender of the small self to the divine self.



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