Today is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. It is a powerful day for healing and meditation and I hope that you can spend some time today to strengthen your spiritual heart and to build the light inside you.

The divine is helping us now in - what appears to me - unprecedented ways. Working with clients and healing myself I am aware that we are all being asked to let go of the emotion that we so jealously guard inside and live through. That emotion of the mind is limiting our consciousness greatly. The Ascension Window that opened on 21 December 2012 is enabling the divine to push gently at our human boundaries, seeking to help us to see so much more of ourselves if we will only let go of the paradigm of fear-based consciousness.

There can be no greater purpose for anyone on the planet at this time than to let go of every belief, every mind-emotion, every attitude and attachment. Everything else is actually a distraction. It doesn't mean that you have to stop what you are doing - on the contrary, everything that you meet in your life is reflecting to you who you are in this moment. If your life challenges you and if you feel blocked or overwhelmed, the answers that you seek do not lie in outward action - rather, you will find that surrendering what you feel to the divine will bring release. 

Personally I am delighted to be presented with such a glorious opportunity to see myself as I truly am and to peel away the remaining layers of my small and unconscious self!



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