The W.I.S.E. action on the full moon was very good and effective work and I am very thankful to everyone who took part, and everyone who will take part in the future. The W.I.S.E. page has been busy and certainly there is a shift in the world - it feels lighter and clearer to me which suggests that a significant number of people have taken part so far and a significant amount of emotion has been cleared. The good news is that if you missed the full moon action, you haven't! Working with the Lords of Time it is possible to take part in the event afterwards and your energy contribution will be added to the whole action! Also it is beneficial to use this particular W.I.S.E. action as a self-healing tool to clear emotion from your body, mind and spirit - and of course all the repetitions that you do will be added to the whole action and bring even greater benefit to the world, as it helps you.

It is a such a blessing that so many people are seeing W.I.S.E. as an effective way to contribute to world healing. I'm sure that you already appreciate how important it is for our planet to clear the many layers of emotion that are blocking it from moving its consciousness towards a greater loving paradigm. The more we embrace unconditional Love, the more we free ourselves and bring suffering to an end. It is my great honour to be able to offer this action to the world.

August W.I.S.E. action

I have also been given a glimpse of next month's W.I.S.E. action, to be held on the August full moon. It is about clearing chakras (yours and the Earth's) using divine intercession and it is very powerful - it blew my socks off when I sampled the energy, and that is saying something! Please join me then too.

Namaste, Shabdan xx


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