Have you noticed how disconnected people around you are at the moment? I have noticed this in the shops and on the phone with people. It seems as if they are pre-occupied with something... processing. Of course this may not be happening to everyone but it is as if we are all having to dig more deeply into ourselves just to get by in the world. The current financial situation across the world, whether an artificial crisis engineered by those with hidden agendas or through the unsustainability of our financial system is certainly reflecting our own uncertainty as we feel our jobs and lifestyles threatened and as we grapple with our unhealed emotions. It is as if we are all striving to make it much more REAL. All things serve the divine in the end. Humanity is awakening and as we on the spiritual path already know, this can be a challenging process. We need patience to help us renew ourselves in every moment and to face our demons and deepest fears. I see that the divine illumination that has been reaching into the world for a number of months now is already having a profound effect. (See an earlier blog.) Patience helps us to find the stillness within that can bring the truth to the fore. I am sure that you may well have been wondering just what exactly you have been achieving on your spiritual journey recently. Those moments of self doubt are powerful renewals of consciousness and a rebirth of the divine within. Where there is doubt, the flame of hope inside burns ever more brightly. ...Where Shabdan's deeper journey began. Seeds sown here on the west coast of Scotland near to Oban, have shaped his quest for a new consciousness paradigm that has led to the discovery of a new pathway into Shambhala - life in the fifth dimension. You can learn more about that journey by reading "Information" and "Source Talk" above.


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