Greetings my friends! Of course we are still here... SO it would appear that we did not ascend on 21 December 2012!! Or did we?

21 December seemed in some ways understated. It was perhaps an arbitrary date that lightworkers around the world attached their ideas to. The Mayan long-count calendar came to an end on 21 December 2012 and this has been seen as the moment that we would see our world go through a major transition. There is no beginning and there is no end to Creation (after that Mayan calendar came to an end, a new one began!). Creation is a continuing process of evolution and in this zone of free will we will continue to experience three-dimensional life for as long as we choose to. There is a tremendous input of light, Love and inspiration from spirit, always encouraging us to evolve, to self-realise, and the light force on Earth have come to facilitate a deep awakening of consciousness here. This enlightening process has been going on for millennia and it will continue until that self-realisation brings this world to a new consciousness paradigm.

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It seems to me that many lightworkers have focused on this solstice moment as Ascension Day, a day of completion. But what happens next? If you do not create a positive tomorrow in your thoughts, how can life continue in any meaningful way. After all, our thoughts constantly create our reality and if we do not put energy into a continuation of the evolution process, instead surrendering our will to some unseen higher power who will take care of us, this may well be an abdication of our spiritual power and our light. There is a fine line to be walked here.

The Earth Experiment is probably the most important opportunity to participate in the consciousness evolution of all Creation in this divine life cycle (the breath cycle of Creation itself). We cannot abdicate our spiritual power here. We must continue to take responsibility for ourselves and explore this medium to the full. The potential to bring this world to a higher vibrational state of consciousness known as the fifth dimension is completely within our power. On my recent December Retreat, we experimented successfully with opening the outer edges of the fifth dimension and we held it open on and off for two days! However it is more than that: it is our purpose for being here on Earth; it is what the experiment has been all about - to reconcile the fear, the discordance and density that exists in Creation and bring it to a state of unconditional Love so that All That Is can become even more, to evolve  just as we like to do. It is said in the Bible that God made man in His image. Our whole psyche remains unfulfilled if we do not create and evolve. If we are the reflection, the image of the divine, surely it is plausible to perceive the divine as the same, to imagine that it too is constantly seeking to evolve.

                               "Will this Ascension Window remain open?"

This brings me back to 21 December 2012. This day has given the world a window of opportunity to evolve, and even though a substantial number of people believed in some kind of consciousness paradigm shift, it is possible that the energy wave we created was not strong enough to reach all points of consciousness on Earth and cause a domino effect where all beings on Earth would see the new possibilities and complete a process of resolution of their karma and emotion to such a degree that there could be a wholsesale shift towards the fifth dimension (which is the next stable consciousness state, based on unconditional Love). HOWEVER 21 December did provide a substantial focus of attention which Spirit and the light force were able to take advantage of.

         SO it would appear that we did not ascend on 21 December 2012!! Or did we?

There does appear to be a consciousness movement that has taken place within the Earth sphere as a result of 21 December. I observed the opening of an Ascension Window which occurred around 11.15 - 11.30am GMT and this window has remained open since then to this point of time. I have also observed that there is a sense of people appearing a little more open and friendly out in the world since then. In the supermarket this morning I witnessed a gentleness amongst the shoppers that I do not recall seeing before. Have you had a similar experience? Are people being more friendly towards you? Another important shift is within the crystalline matrix of all life on Earth. I was asked by Joseph of Aragon 17 years ago to bring the Keys of Creation to bear upon the crystalline matrix at the end of 2012. I kept this to myself all of this time quite deliberately to ensure that no interference in that process could obstruct the action of the Keys on 21 December 2012. I felt the effect of the Keys reach out across the world and have witnessed a surprising shift in the crystalline structure of life. I saw people in the supermarket this morning looking absolutely radiant! Although this appears to be the result of a number of things, there is definitely a considerable change in their crystalline life matrix, shining white and bright through the outer manifestation of their bodies. A young child passed me and I lightly "buzzed" his energy systems to observe the life matrix. As I did so, I experienced a real power wave of light emanate from him that made me take a sharp in-breath to enable me to hold this sparkling radiance! I can now see this shift in everything, every structure that makes up this world. So in some perhaps subtle-vibrational way, I can report that life has changed significantly as a result of 21 December.

        If the whole world is constantly changing and evolving, then as your vibation increases and the vibration of everyone else increases in a similar way, it can be hard to spot that growth because everything around you looks similar to you. This can hide the spiritual advancement that the planet is actually making. You have to become very still, very centred, to notice the subtle vibrations inside the life matrix in order to see the changes. This is where we may very well have taken a substantial shift towards Ascension on 21 December 2012.

The Ascension Window that opened on 21 December is of great importance. I was asked by the presenter on one of the two internet radio shows where I was interviewed on 21 December, "Will this Ascension Window remain open?" NOW THIS IS A REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION. I saw, as a result of the Ascension Window, incredibly powerful healing taking place so deeply and so very easily. It happened in the workshop event I ran and through the internet radio interviews too. I at first couldn't believe how quickly and how deeply the healing work was taking place. Then as I gathered an overview of what was happening I realised that the Ascension Window was making it substantially easier to transform karma and emotion! The window can only remain open for as long as there is energy given to it. The 21 December event was the moment of opening and the time when attention was placed upon it. HOWEVER, we can make a request to keep it open permanently. I ABSOLUTELY KNOW THAT THIS IS POSSIBLE because I have facilitated this kind of process before when I worked with a million people through the internet on a radio show with Ross Hemsworth some years ago to keep another consciousness window open to help us evolve more rapidly.

W.I.S.E. 28 December 2012

The next W.I.S.E. action on 28 December 2012, on the full moon, is going to be about this! Working with you - if you choose to take part - we can make this request from the divine and I feel certain that if the request is made strongly enough then it will be granted. I ask that you join me for this W.I.S.E. action and ask you to call upon your friends to join us in order to build the numbers as much as possible. I will be broadcasting the action on Celestial Radio too, so it is likely that we can gather enough aggregate power to make our request a success!  The Ascension Window is probably one of the most important elements to come out of 21 December so far! Keeping this open will substantially increase the possibility of a full-scale Ascension shift for the planet if it remains open. It is a gift from the divine to help us -  a leg up on the ladder of life - if we can make this realisation!!

We will also use this Window for a massive healing action for you and for Earth!!

Please join me on 28 December 2012 to make this a reality - and if you are reading this blog after 28 December, you can still contribute retrospectively and your light will have helped the action be successful - so still do it, and repeat it to build the power for the request.



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