Feeling the Pressure?

We are living in extraordinary times and our world is changing fast. Even if we are not consciously aware of it, we too are changing fast. Traditional beliefs and life paradigms seem less and less relevant. They are rapidly becoming outdated as the year races unceasingly towards 2012. Have you noticed that your thinking is changing? Inner growth is subtly changing the landscape of our lives, undermining the old foundations that are so deeply rooted in the third dimension. To some this may feel like a great deal of pressure. As the new waves of divine consciousness reach us in so many ways, including through the Divine Portals (see my other August 2011 blogs) and shower us like gentle summer rain, we are being bathed lovingly by the divine. New consciousness is being seeded into this world. A quiet inner revolution is taking place. It is a time of unprecedented change both on the inside and on the outside in world affairs. I offer this: be accepting of your feelings and the torrents of rising emotion that beg to be released. The spiritual ocean waves are more easily surfed through an act of deep surrender to the moment, feeling the subtle forces at work beneath them that offer us everything that we need in order to survive these times. This is a time of bridging across from the human paradigm to the new era consciousness paradigm of Love. Spirit is right here with us as we make the journey inwards. Know that your guides and Angels are with you right here, right now and in every moment. Trust in this deep inner change and surrender to it. It is all right just to be. Don’t doubt yourself because this thinking peppers your consciousness with limitation and interrupts the flow of the divine energies… be still and know that all is well.


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