January comes, a new year begins, February follows and hope begins to rise like the sap, not yet moving into trunk, limb and branch, but preparing. What will this year bring us? Already I see profound growth coming. Sometimes this is painful but the rewards are filled with hope - hope for self, hope for the planet, hope for all life to rise to new heights and new unwritten possibilities. Like the current season, we are preparing to find our way forward. We are preparing to blossom, to prepare to give forth the fruits of our essence, our true being, our hearts.

I have taken a short sabbatical, a term that is correct for me but full of searching - and yet not searching. It is a moment in time where I have paused to reflect deeply, allowing the knowing, the divine connection to find a new way within me to rise, filled with hope and the promise of becoming more - more than I have ever been throughout my whole existence within the Earth sphere of consciousness. Arrogant of me to think that? Perhaps, but I allow the possibility. It is a universal Law that when a thing or a being is observed it becomes self-conscious - it becomes aware that it is being observed and it always responds, and in my experience, in a sense, it takes pleasure in being noticed and always reveals itself to the observer. This I do now by observing myself. I notice the season unfolding in me. I rejoice in the rain, snug behind the double glazing, I walk in the frosty night air lost in contemplation and I see the soft, thin light of the sun, imperceptibly warming the land and colouring in the grey of winter, colouring me in.

winter mountain_1.jpg

I am being reborn and, hope rising like the promise of spring still to come, I nurture myself, giving time for rest and play, for music and me. Winter serves its purpose and I am flowing quietly inside. There is nothing that can be seen on the outside, no bud, no new leaf, no flowering of ideas... yet. I must wait softly for the turning of the seasons. I cannot say what I will become but it is certain that I will be something more this year than in all the years that have passed, for the divine has moved more deeply into this world, filtering gently inwards, softening our hard shells, revealing the seed within that was given to this world to sustain it and build it anew... hope.

Hope builds dreams, hope brings freedom and true freedom can only be expressed as unconditional Love.


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