I have managed to complete the recording for the W.I.S.E. action this coming friday 31 August. The recording is a guided meditation type of process that will lead you through a worldwide healing action plan to clear entities, karma and emotion across all planes of existence here on Earth. There is a simple picture matrix which you have to put your right hand on to link in to the event. It synchronises our vibration so that no matter when you take part, before, during, or after the event time on friday, your energy and contribution will become a part of the whole and build the battery power. If at all possible, please lend your loving assistance on this special occasion, thank you.

21 December 2012, Winter Solstice Gathering

We will be gathering at Lime Tree Farm on this special day to help build the energy of this moment in time where many hearts are likely to be focused right around the world. Please check out the programme page on Iona Light for details.


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