Where there is peace there is light, where there is light there is Love. Through Love there is everything and more... there is peace that fills the whole being with joy and then stillness comes. In that deep place of divine connection a completeness descends that is so fulfilling, holding such contentment that it makes you whole. Stop now and feel the Love of the divine reaching softly into your mind, your body and your heart - the place where the divine meets the physical you. On our spiritual journey we must pause and absorb the sheer beauty of it all, the sacred life within that is divinity. Without that inner connection we are merely saying the words and doing the actions without heart. Know that in every step you take the angels walk with you holding your hand and loving you more than you can yet appreciate. Know too that the many masters of light who are your friends, your guides and teachers support your every breath, your every feeling, gently inspiring you to grow, to reach beyond the limitations of your fears. We are here with you. You are not alone.


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