This has been such a special time of contemplation for me. I have spent time on retreat before, wintering on the island of Iona off the west coast of Scotland. That time gave me so much as I was able to completely stop, rest and rebuild myself and raise my vibration. This home retreat has been an opportunity to look at the various projects I am involved in, the tools I have been developing and with access to everything around me, I have been evolving my work and next steps. It feels like following the seasons of the year. The colours of winter in nature signal to us to retreat and rest and this has led me to a place of inner connection, feeling the impetus of life within guiding me. It is a matter of surrendering the old to make way for the new and the universe has so much to offer us all if we will but let it. This is what I am doing and I encourage you to do the same. Let the divine guide you. Surrender your will to the will of the divine. As I heard on the radio one day "the universe only wants to bring you good things!" I can certainly vouch for that. All that you have to do is get out of your own way and let it!


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