It has been a real adventure of late. I have been working on site at the Shambhala Siina Project discovering an incredible energy centre that holds the promise of a great healing potential for everyone in the world. I have waited a long time (a number of years now) for an opportunity to begin this project and I feel truly blessed that I have now manifested the beginnings of this potential. However, this tentative beginning has immediately revealed my own vulnerabilities and healing issues that must be addressed before I can proceed with the project. Some rather painful pulled muscles in my chest have prevented me from continuing with the project until I address the issues behind why I pulled them. Whilst doing this, I have had time to pause and reflect on where I am going with this work and how to get there. To that end, I find myself immersed in another project, one that wasnt clear to me until now - how to develop this website. It seems as if a fog has been lifted from my mind and the pathway to Shambhala is beginning to be laid out in front of me.

Spending a week at the site of the project in the springtime over Beltane, I was grappling with the nature of the project and the potential that was outlined to me by masters of Shambhala, Mishan and Rachel in 2006. I have to admit that to begin and how to begin seemed rather daunting. I spent two days on a voluntary lock-in in my caravan deeply reflecting on the matter. I came to realise a most important simple truth: It is not actually possible to lead any project for world consciousness development successfully. All that I can do is to go on a voyage of self-development and walk into the Shambhala Aladdin's Cave and make exciting discoveries and finds for my own pleasure of interaction with manifested Creation. Anything else simply drains my energy and resources. The fun of self-discovery and higher development naturally releases an abundance of energy and inspiration that will help me to open out Shambhala consciousness easily. Thereafter I can share these discoveries with anybody who would be interested. In this way I am not leading anything, but I am a co-discoverer of the incredible potential we all hold within.

This is a wonderful realisation - one I must admit, I have been leading up to for some time now in the way I feel as I work to help other people on the path. The realisation of those two days has crystalised my intuitive feelings and freed me to honour myself and my healing needs much more deeply. This brings me full circle to the present moment where I find myself laid up with painful pulled muscles and nothing but time for inner reflection!


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