Today, on the blue moon - the second full moon of this month - life is filled with promise, with an opportunity for us to become more than we have ever been in this world before! Each moment is like that. Each time you make a conscious choice to improve yourself, to choose the positive, to release out-dated unconscious habits, then life acts to support you. Then everything can change. This is never more true on the full moon, a powerful day in each calendar month - and even more so on a blue moon.

I encourage you to take a positive action today, to change your life for the better, to become more. Perhaps you would like to join the world-wide action we are taking here with W.I.S.E. The Keys of Creation are powerful tools for positive change and working through them really can cause a substantial shift in world consciousness. There is so much suffering in the world and unenlightened actions, rules, control mechanisms and structures that limit Earth consciousness and the loving potential we all hold inside us. Taking part in an action to transform some of the limiting consiousness paradigms held through our karmic imbalance and unhealed emotion, will bring about a rise in world frequency. As frequency rises, every point of consciousness within the Earth sphere has to adjust itself to that new and higher frequency level. This adjustment means that the equilibrium point goes up in vibration and new consciousness levels open in the mind. Higher consciousness levels work more deeply from the perspective of Love, unconditional Love. Only Love can bring about an end to so much of the negative state held in so many situations right across the world, from pollution, to destructuive food mass production methods, from poverty to health, from hopelessness to hope. These changes are powerful in their effect. The positive equilibrium shift moves the consciousness point up and gradually, step by step, everyone begins thionking and acting from a new and higher perspective of Love, of compassion, of deeper consideration for others and for the world.

Even though the action we begin today may be subtle, the positive effect of Love is undeniable and reaches into everything and everyone. If we continue to take similar actions - and the Light Force is doing so - the enlightening impact can clearly be seen and it is inevitable that life will move from a negative, fear-based consciousness paradigm to a positive loving-based consciousness on Earth.

Bless you for reading this. I hope that you feel inspired and guided in your heart to be a part of World Illumination through W.I.S.E. - today, tomorrow or at any time in the future, because there is no time, only moments and this event has been arranged in such a way that you can contribute to it afterwards and your loving contribution will still work to build the positive power and effect of this simple action in this moment on 31 August 2012!

Shabdan, 31 August 2012, on the blue moon.


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