Patience comes in many guises. It comes through taking a deep breath when things are tough. It comes by centring yourself and entering the still zone - where you stop thinking from your mind and just listen, feel, be. Questions lead to thought, stillness leads to perception, to expanded consciousness and understanding that is beyond any question.

Love is. Not the love of the mind, but the Love of the heart. Love is.

Completeness is the perfection of our being. It is all that we seek in this lifetime. Leave no stone unturned, no hidden agendas inside you, let nothing fester. Be dilligent and seek the real you behind the mind place: the beliefs that you hold about you, the cravings, the needing... the incompleteness. Let them all go. Use tools if you have to, but most of all hold on to patience, perfect stillness and feel the unending perfection of pure Love, the unconditional kind that completes you.


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