Autumn is coming after an Indian summer. We are seeing remarkable and unusual patterns in the weather We are witnessing a world that is restless and violent and yet beautiful and striving for new levels of self awareness. It is world consciousness seeking to realise itself. And it is beautiful, even if the daily experience of it is challenging. Source is continuing to nudge us towards that self realisation, although for many that nudging is beginning to feel like pushing. The pushing is actually a reactive force - it is our resistance to the loving nudge from the divine. It is we who are pushing back, saying "I cannot do this!" 

As ever we need patience - deep, deep, patience as my guides are now saying. We need to be still in the face of change and challenge. Patience brings insight and a new perspective that can help us find our place once again - both in ourselves and in the world. Of course you will have heard me say this before, or even read it in previous blogs, but the repetition does not diminish the truth of it and the value. Strength comes in stillness. It is the way of the peaceful warrior!

I am looking foward to a new programme of workshops coming up this autumn for Light Key System users - a healing system that you can learn about on the Iona Light website. Also, the Moses Light came to me recently and showed me a new pathway that is opening up for me soon. This will bring healing in a new and loving form, much gentler than we have been used to up to this point. I see peace on the horizon and hope in both the sunrise and sunset. The way to overcome the emotion, the karma and the limiting control of the mind is perhaps going to be easier soon. Keep reading my future blogs, use the W.I.S.E. actions as often as you like - they are really helpful. Join my email list and watch out for new Moses Light Workshops next year.

Nykon Wave

We previewed the Nykon Wave shawls in Dundee in mid-September and launched them at Harrogate last week very sucessfully. Many people tried them on and really felt the fifth dimensional love. Someone described it as "like being hugged by an Angel!." WelI I can't deny it - it does!. You can see the scarf/shawls on a new site dedicated to the Nykon Wave at: We are building a shopping cart system and hope to launch that soon for on-line purchasing. New related products are in development and they will be up on the new site in due course. I hope that this little bit of love energy will sweeten the challenging times some of us are experiencing just now and herald good things to come.

Let Love be your guide, your solace and your salvation. The world always works better when Love flows! Much Love, Shabdan xx


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