I have just ended a Healing Gathering Online Workshop and wanted to share the experience of working with the Archangels who preside over the chakras of the body. Archangel Zadkiel overlighting the Soul Star chakra above the head, Archangel Jophiel over the Crown chakra, Archangel Raphael over the Third Eye, Archangel Michael over the Throat chakra, Archangel Chamuel overlighting the Heart chakra, Archangel Uriel over the Solar Plexus and Archangel Gabriel over the Sacral and Base chakras - these wonderful angels added their light to the healing which included Lord Anju - my higher self and my light teams doing clearing around karmic and emotional issues. (Future online workshops are listed on the right of this page.)

Everyone felt lighter and clearer at the end of the session and it felt really nice to work with the angels. There is such gentle light, such soft radiance in their action and yet they reach really deeply into our world. I have heard some amazing stories about the angels and what they can do in our world and never doubt their positive influence and support.

You can always rely on your own guardian angel to help you - this angelic element of your consciousness who holds you with such unconditional Love in their heart. Call on them, even if you dont know their name, for loving support, insight and inspiration.

If you feel inspired, call upon the Archangels who preside over your chakras to work with you now. Simply place your attention on each chakra in turn and call in the appropriate Archangel. They will surely come and you will definitely receive healing from them. Keeping the chakras clear is so very important to our well-being and spiritual unfoldment.


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