I am learning more about the importance of deep inner stillness. It is a time for quiet inner connection - strengthening the bond with the divine me. I find myself less able to move The Source Project forward, caught up in the immediacy of life, the now moment, serving myself and the world as it connects with me. It is enough to simply be. The neeter of the moment will come around where I will feel the impetus to take the steps that are in my heart already to unfold the Project a little further.

Deep inner stillness is a place of divine connection - a place of NOW, of PRESENCE and simply being. It is a place of quiet acceptance of what is, and through it an acceptance of myself, exactly as I am, with absolutely no desire to change anything. I know such acceptance allows a reconciliation to take place inside me. That completing and complete place enables the experiences that I have chosen to explore to move on from me, making space for new experiences to enter my life. This is the very essence of life, to experience, to accept what you meet and to move on to the new. It is a breath, a rhythm, a flowing out and a returning to completeness, the One State.

It is all that I need for it fulfils me. I am stillness, I am life, I am complete.


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