6 February 2013

It is clear to me that 2013 is going to be an interesting year from the point of view of healing and spiritual unfoldment. There is no question that there has been a subtle undercurrent running through all planes of consciousness since 21 December 2012. That undercurrent is teasing away at the fear felt about to spiritual evolution across the planet, worrying away at the knots of resistance held by so many and gently liberating consciousness from the inside. The clients that I am working with show me how deeply they are reaching into themselves and accessing many hitherto hidden parts. The most interesting thing that I am observing is how quickly they are able to release many layers of emotion and karma. I am aware for example that the rules of engagement, so to speak, by spirit have also changed. The Lords of Karma are able to reach much more deeply into unhealed karmic issues and clear them than they could before. To explain: this planet is scheduled for a major consciousness shift in due course and so to help build the momentum of that shift, we entered a new set of karmic laws called The Laws of Transition. These new laws have been operating for some years now and allow the spiritual planes deeper access to the physical planes without creating a karmic imbalance for themselves. Since December 21, that access has deepened considerably.

The Ascension Window which opened in response to the world consciousness shift precipitated by Lightworker action across the planet on 21 December - and which followers of the December W.I.S.E. action helped to extend the period of opening - is definitely playing its part. Again this is giving spirit deeper access to our world, inspiring, illuminating and supporting us with such unconditional Love in our struggle to free ourselves from the mind-orientated limitations that hold this world in the third dimension.

It is still an important time period for the incarnate Lightforce. We must take responsibility for ourselves as we come to self-realise. The people of this planet that are not yet aware of the spiritual planes are truly the innocent and demand our unconditional Love and compassion in every moment. As we unfold our consciousness and become aware of the higher light inside us must act wisely and give service. We must use what we know to help this planet grow as rapidly now as possible. There is a deepening inner movement towards the divine and we must lend our spiritual power to the spinning wheel of world illumination and "push". This is our task. We have chosen it and now we must act. Be all that you can be. Live in joy and a lightness of heart, focused and determined to respond the divine calling that is becoming louder and stronger.

There is hope in your heart and this will sustain you in your most challenging moments. Turn inwards to that loving place when you need it. Live in hope and let that divine spark light the world around you. Together, I really believe we can kindle a great flame that can illuminate the truth of life inside everyone on Earth and if that can be done, people will surrender their unconscious ways, and seek to move closer to that truth. This is how we can serve and it is how the planet will evolve - through us the incarnate Lightforce acting from a place of selfless unconditional Love.

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