6 July 2014

What an incredible year of spiritual evolution. We are moving quite rapidly it seems, despite the issues that are surfacing in almost every quadrant of our consciousness. There are so many things happening in the world - things that need to be addressed and reconciled. Who can say what their outcome will be, but there is movement, time is running quickly right across the globe. Such movement challenges the status quo and the stagnation of human consciousness. We are in part choosing to attempt to find a new way of living on Earth, with each other and in relationship to ourselves. There is no right or wrong, just experience and it is perhaps all too easy to jump to conclusions about the direction we are taking on Earth. The mind likes to do that, to define things, to say what they are becoming so that it can feel safe.

As we witness ongoing re-structuring of the world map, we are seeing an increasingly rapid shift in the quality of life for many - both up and down - as governing institutions and countries are on the move. Tick, tock, tick, tock... the digital clock makes no sound but the time piece on our wrists, on our mobile phones and other technology are all pointing in the same direction: towards rapid change. This outer change is simply a reflection of the profound inner changes that are guiding us to some other-where, some inner place. The patterns of life itself are giving way to new possibilities. Machines and new technologies are proliferating now and it is easy to become mesmerised by these new gadgets and to give them too much energy, energy that takes us out of our centre. There is no right or wrong, just experience, but we must choose what experiences we want to have. We must pause and reflect about what we are all becoming. What are we in the process of giving birth to?

Let Love be the true inner guide, Love that is held in the heart and the centreline of our being. It is okay to move out from centre to experience life but it is so very important to return to centre and to remember ourselves, our true spiritual nature. Rudolph Stiener said that a society that does not develop the spiritual in equal measure with the physical cannot sustain itself - I paraphrase, but the essence of it is here. This world is really needing the spiritual community to anchor the Love in this time of rapid consciousness shift. Hold the Love inside yourself deeply and share it widely. Make no judgements about what you see happening today, simply hold it with Love and know that we are becoming...

Spirals within spirals, light within light. Patience, tolerance, acceptance, Love, of ourselves, of our brothers and sisters, of the world in all its forms and through all levels. This is the way of the heart, our authentic selves, in the end there will be nothing else.

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