6 June 2014

Life turns and reveals the new inside in every moment. We speak about the neeter of the moment changing - the quality of light emanating from the divine, the pulse of life, bringing about a new impetus inside you, guiding and inspiring you to create a new experience in your life. These moments are here now for everyone and if you feel stuck, you do not have to wait long - a matter of minutes - before a new wave come along. Rise up inside yourself and let the divine breath, breathe you, feel the joy of life and sail forth on its wind! No two moments are ever the same, even if your days seem repetitive and monotonous. There is always a different quality to the moment. Listen carefully, deeply to your heart and feel it. Do not listen to your mind or look through the filter of mind at everything in your life around you. You must feel it through your heart. It is why we came and it is where we are going on our spiritual journey back to the heart of ourselves.

Challenged though we have all been through the recent months, we have all grown - even if you do not yet feel it. Time will tell, your interactions with others will show you. Patience will show you. Seek yourself, the real self much more deeply than you have done before. Go inside and stay inside, guided by the divine you; the heart, the soul, the I Am Presence all stand at the core and are your truth. Love fills you from this place and shines through all that you are, all that you do. All you need do is soften yourself and let this Divine Will flow out through your body, mind and spirit. You just need to let go, even a little bit and life will change for the better. You will see!


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