I have just run a successful course at the Haybergill Centre where a dedicated group pf people worked hard all weekend to test a series of new tools and a new approach to healing with me. I am very grateful to my willing guinea pigs who braved the unknown and trusted in spirit to keep them safe! In truth there was never going to be a problem because I have spent a lot of time developing the tools and techniques and could trust them to work well enough with others. I got a lot of great feedback which has helped me to refine them and to evolve some elements of these quite remarkable tools. I am now working to present them in a finished format and make them available as soon as I can. The reason I have not blogged recently is because I have had my head down in deep contemplation getting the new energy systems to work for a number of months now. Heart Dancing Evolves!! Something amazing has happened to Heart Dancing. I have often thought that having to speak the Anaritas Keys whilst listening to the body and allowing it to move freely, observing which pattern it was adopting so that I could say the appropriate Anaritas Key, was a little cumbersome. And of course, thinking and speaking took me out of my body into my head. This is something that I have been contemplating for a long time. Then a bolt of spiritual lightning out of the blue hit me: why not make a recording of gentle music and imprint all of the relevant Keys into the music? The result? silent mind, body-led movement that is really deep and powerful, with the energy blocks gently and easily released without me having to say a word! The group on my recent experimental course seemed to appreciate the new format which includes some fifteen minutes of dancing to rhythmic music I have specially recorded to help you to loosen up and move into your body so that Heart Dancing can happen more naturally and easily. The music track can be skipped if you only want to Heart Dance for a shorter time. You can either switch off the music when you want to complete the balancing at the end, or just leave it playing softly in the background. This new approach will make Heart Dancing much more accessible and I am currently finishing the music tracks and developing a final format for this new evolution of the system. I am really pleased with the latest development for Heart Dancing. I feel that this is an important tool for anyone on the spiritual path because we tend to give our physical bodies less attention than they deserve and need if they are to support our continued spiritual development properly. - Oh yes, I am now in a position to begin offering some courses for the autumn this year. These will be posted soon on the Iona Light site and sent out on email. I hope you will find them interesting and will want to sign up!


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