CERN Hadron Collider ENERGY PROBLEM - Sacred Rays Can Help


I notice that CERN are experimenting with the Hadron Collider and will be doing so for months to come. It is now operating at 13 trillion Volts... this will generate a substantial magnetic effect. Interestingly, clients reported feeling exhausted and very unfocused on the Wednesday they began, and since then as well. Tuning in to this I feel that there may be a connection that is affecting the magnetic and quantum particle cohesion of manifestation within the Earth sphere. By invoking specific Sacred Rays, the energy symptoms seem to abate. If you feel this may be affecting you then say the following whenever you feel you need to:

"I invoke the Sacred Rays of Gravity, Magnetic Cohesion and Quantum Particle Cohesion to resonate throughout my being now, under the Law of Grace, And So It Is."     Take a deep breath and let go.

If this problem is affecting you, then you may well feel a level of relief. You can do no harm to yourself through repetition of this invocation.


"I can't believe how quickly it has helped!! The fatigue is 80% better!!! The day before, I had to sleep for three hours during the day but today I have been walking with my dog and cutting my hedge - something I would not have been able to do. I repeat it often throughout the day and keep it in my pocket for when I am walking, etc... I've told as many as I know to use the Sacred rays invocation as I am so sure it will help them with the tiredness - which many are experiencing. Namaste Siirenna."

"I have had remarkable results (with this invocation). Back to normal. The more you do it, the better you feel, but you have to keep repeating it many times. Love, Pauline"


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