This month the first bloom of the Earth in the U.K. heralds a new season. Spring is upon us. I feel a sense of personal renewal, an awakening that has stirred deeper things. Growth comes to my own limbs and to the heart of me. I too begin to deliver blossom, tentatively, testing the air and myself, feeling my way into a fuller expression that I know will come in the fullness of time. All is well.

The conflict in Ukraine stirs humanity and all the Earth. Our own inner conflicts are highlighted here - perhaps not consciously, but inside us - because we can never stand separate or aloof. We are a part of the whole Earth life system and the collective consciousness of this world. What happens in one part always ripples through to the rest in due course. I have felt the calling of my heart to respond and so bring a W.I.S.E. action offering simply Love, pure unconditional Love coming directly from the divine. I hope that you will feel drawn to participate in this gentle action - and on this occasion, share it widely with others in your spiritual fraternity to build the power of it. Divine Intercession is offered to the world through the Love and I really believe we can make a positive contribution to what is being shown to us here and to come out the other side, all the better for it.

Spring is a season for the renewal of life, for Love, for rebirth... not for conflict. Let us help our human world to remember the Earth, our Mother and the natural balance of life.


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