The latest W.I.S.E. action took place on Sunday 30 September and from the feedback I have received, it was much appreciated by those who participated. I offer my sincere thanks to all who have carried out this second action and to those who continue to repeat the programme for their benefit and in service to the world. Such an action is really helpful for the unfoldment of Love-based consciousness on Earth and I feel in my heart that we have made a positive contribution.

I hope that you may feel inspired to join us – if you have not already done so – to build the power of this W.I.S.E. action. The healing that you receive when you take part is powerful and most helpful to your spiritual unfoldment. In the meantime I am spending time on inner contemplation, research and development on opening Shambhala fifth dimensional consciousness here on Earth. It is an opportunity for me to dedicate some time for my own healing needs as well. It is easy to help others and even easier to overlook one’s own needs. This time is valuable to me and much appreciated. Through the work that I am doing, I am learning, or perhaps remembering the most important facet of self-healing: Love. I have been spending a great deal of my time recently refining techniques to support the people that choose to work with me - helping them to heal body, mind and spirit. This work has become quite specific and focused on releasing the discordance that limits consciousness elevation. Now in my still place, Love comes to me and fills me once more, reminding me of the most powerful healing force: Love itself.

I am remembering that holding unconditional Love transforms discomfort and builds a positive “pressure” energy within that can change everything. I encourage you to remember Love, to hold it in every moment and allow it to build so that your every thought, action and life expression is motivated by unconditional Love. In the current energy climate as we approach a substantial magnetic alignment at the end of this year, the more we hold and express Love, the more it will come back to us and also ripple out into the world, feeding back into the life systems, building the light and Love quotient of the planetary sphere.



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