More To Life Magazine have recently posted an article by me on their website entitled, "The More I Learn..." Perhaps you would like to read it later.

It is certainly true to say that the more I learn, the more I realise how little I truly understand. However, this leads me to a quiet acceptance of this, my place in the scheme of divine being. And this in turn leads me into simplicity and therefore closer to One. When I surrender the need to be something, then I drop into heart-being. The mind begins to still and Love shines... What more is there? What more can fulfil me?

I see the world moving closer to this realisation. It may not be apparent on the outside quiet yet, but it is coming because the movement has begun in earnest on the inside. For some it began long ago and they will know it for themselves. For others this process may be closer to the beginning of an awakening but the seeds have been planted and these will grow. The divine is nurturing them and they will grow. I see the world of shadow moving closer to the light and although it may come as it always does, the fact that it comes forward simply means it seeks resolution. Therefore it too is experiencing an inner movement, a home-coming.

We may have many struggles to overcome, a journey to make, a challenging process to go through, but there can be no room for doubt. The first step has been taken and therefore the rest will certainly follow. Remember this and seek simplicity, seek gentle acceptance of what is in your life right now. Give the Love that is deep inside you its true voice and you will be all right.


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