Amazing World! I am greatly heartened to see how our world is steadily making progress to a significantly deeper level of awareness. Despite the situation in Syria, there is an undercurrent of personal responsibility that has begun to filter into the political environment. This can only be good for peace in the world. It is important to remember that everything happens for a reason. The recent deaths in Syria may well be a part of the spiritual advancement of our planet. Perhaps those people who gave their lives did so to help us make new choices. Only the divine truly knows and we can only trust in divine purpose and the constant subtle shifts that seem to me to be unstoppable, leading towards an amazing new world. I have reported that Divine Intercession is extending its process to help intercede in my healing work. Now this is happening for some of my clients who work with others themselves. Divine Intercession is coming into their session work - and also for themselves. For further information, please see my earlier blogs from January 2013. It is so important for everyone who reads this to remember that you are spiritually awake and this deeper presence inside you means that you need to take more responibility for your actions. Remember that you are very powerful and a true world leader - one who can lead by spiritual example. Your thoughts and actions change our world. Be positive, gentle and serene in the face of personal and global challenges. You can use my healing page on this site and the W.I.S.E. actions (including those in the W.I.S.E.Archive) to help you in your challenging moments - all for free! W.I.S.E. I am delighted with the effect of the August W.I.S.E. Action. It has been used by participants as a healing tool. They have gone back to the W.I.S.E. page and listened a number of times - one person had repeated it five times when we spoke recently. On the day, the world felt soft and uplifted to me and I can only surmise that this was the result of the action taken by everyone who participated on that date and since then. We are immensely powerful beings and capable of changing the world. It is a great honour to be able to offer W.I.S.E. Health Fairs & Workshops Iona Light is doing two health fairs this month, one in Dundee on Saturday 14 September and the other in Harrogate on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September. Details are on the Iona Light site. We will be launching The Nykon Wave shawls at the Harrogate show. Please come along and try this amazing fifth dimensional Love energy that I have been able to imprint into the shawls - we will be delighted to see you. They will be available by mail order soon afterwards if you can't come! Details will be on the Iona Light site soon. I am now building an autumn workshop schedule. There is now one place on the October Masterclass - details on the Iona Light website. Further workshops will soon be available. To help with the current financial climate, I am planning courses at weekends at Lime Tree and have reduced my fees. These will be for small groups (7 participants maximum) and very special, using the celebrated uu-crychtu healing mat, specialised healing tools and unique music set on a soundscape that I have designed - all aimed at helping you heal and grow deeply. Please check the Iona Light site for information in due course if you might be interested. Healing Issues - Sessions Available As ever, clients are reporting issues to me when we work together. The main problem is a lot of emotion pushing to the surface. I can only advise healing everything that surfaces by asking the angels to help you to let it all go. Remember that you can always book a healing session with me to help you clear many layers of emotion and karma - no matter where you are in the world. You can Skype-call me and pay electronically now as well. Send me an email if you would like further information.


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