I am delighted to hear from people about their interest in attending the Intensive Master Classes and Retreats. I have had offers to help get things together on the project site. This is great. The Source Project is one that can be shaped by us all. We are striving to achieve the purest levels of consciousness - ambitious perhaps but a worthy objective. What we choose collectively shapes our collective reality and experience of life.

Taris in my Arms:

I know that many people are struggling at the moment. My dog (deceased many years ago) came to visit me last night. She lay in my arms on the bed for hours. Together with the dream I had they lifted my spirits enormously - it said dont be afraid, go forward and live your dream! I feel so empowered and know the emotion will all heal. Source said to to me today: "go forward now. Have faith." Well what am I waiting for? My dog Taris doesn't come very often. I know it is an important moment when she does come.

Keys Are Here to Help!

Look in your heart now and you will see/feel/sense the divine connection I make with you right now... Let the sacred Keys of Creation heal old wounds and emotion. Sit with me for a while and let the Keys help you... Love, Shabdan xx


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