The 14th of May witnessed the arrival of SoNa loving energy in the world. It began at midnight GMT (1am BST, and the new moon began at 1.04am!): new beginnings on a cosmic level! I stayed up to welcome in SoNa and to witness its birth. It was so soft, gentle and loving. We sent out an email to our subscribers and a number responded saying that the information on SoNa explained the amazing feelings they had been experiencing in relation to the 14th. Let your heart open to SoNa as you read this and you will feel it for yourself. It is such a gift from Source for this world and perhaps it really can help us steer a much more direct course towards fifth dimensional consciousness. Feedback on this momentous event is on the Iona Light site (view by clicking the button above.)

The Source Project

The Source Project is gently unfolding and healing courses have begun. Soon we're getting broadband on site so this website will be updated much more regularly! Spirit is focusing a great deal of energy through the Project and at the last check the radius of the Project's energy reaches as far away as Richmond just off the A1 dual carriageway. This is around 18 miles away! Other people who have come to the project site have reported feeling the distinctive energy a good distance away too.

The facilities on site so far are working well and course participants are reporting being comfortable and warm in the very mixed weather we have had through the latter part of April and in May. The healing work has been very successful, with healing getting up to around 12 - 14 times faster than normal. The rate increase is due to the Sacred Rays portal. Its influence is tangible to everyone working on the courses and we can feel the rays reaching out into the world as we are healing for ourselves. This means that a lot of healing work is shared with the world as we work on ourselves. This is such a blessing for everyone. I feel so blessed to be a part of this magnificent Project.

Moving Forward...

We are exploring improving the facilities available on the site. This would make the Project much more viable in due course and extend the time we can work there from summer to spring, summer and autumn. I will be in touch with the email subscribers in due course asking them to help me to raise funds for anything we are able to implement to upgrade the site facilities.

Unfolding the Project Energies...

Early research has shown the the Source Project really does hold an amazing potential to support the major consciousness shift we are all working towards. Shambhala Heisha - a level of Shambhala consciousness in the fifth dimension here within the Earth Sphere - is working closely with me to help open the Project up and to create an outpost of fifth dimensional consciousness at our third/fourth dimensional level. More information will be available soon in Source Talk.


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