The Cathedral of Surumetra

The Cathedral of Surumetra came into being in March 2011. I made a spiritual excursion with Shastra through parts of Norway and Sweden - a considerable journey that took five weeks. Working under guidance of spirit, this immense light structure was constructed by the Over-lighting Devas of Oshann, opening a direct interface to the divine. This simple light structure carries many light frequencies and resonances that build a complex of harmonics. The harmonics are really special, opening many inner gateways within our consciousness and in the world at the subtle level.

You can access this gentlly sloping dome of light that lies over Norway and Sweden simply by holding The Cathedral of Surumetra in your heart. Explore it and feel the majesty of the divine sharing unconditional Love with you. It is used in W.I.S.E. Actions to increase the power of them and also to access the Ascension Window that opened as a resonance of the Cathedral on 21 December 2014.

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The Ascension Window and Divine Intercession

The Ascension Window is an immense light portal that has now grown to around one third of the size of the Earth. Through this, the divine has been offering a new quality of light to us all on Earth called Divine Intercession. This wonderful light brings a subtle and appropriate intervening in our free will to nudge us gently forward. This has been a carefully considered action by the divine which has apparently been experimenting with the level of intercession since January 2013. I have witnessed this process, seeing the level of intercession increase gradually to this time.

The divine has said that free will is given to this world and will not be rescinded, but as we explore the mind further and further we seem to have begun to lose the momentum leading us back to the heart.

Though many enlightening shifts are taking place and growing world consciousness, there is a conflict. The mind rebels and the technology explosion seems to me to be attempting to take us in another direction. There is nothing wrong with this - it is simply machine mind seeking to express itself - but it is not the plan for this planet to get lost in that state of consciousness. We must move back to the heart now and as the consciousness moves through this critical stage, the divine is encouraging us to stay on the higher pathway through its nudging action.

You can ask for Divine Intercession to help you, and the divine will assess your application and grant it to a certain level, if this is appropriate. Working with clients in healing session, this intercession has spontaneously come in to the healing work I have done and greatly boosted healing release.


UPDATE April 2014:

Around a month ago, I sent up a report to the divine. I shared specific information about a healing session I had just conducted with a healing session with a client, where the client was demonstrating how many complex layers of discordance still remained. We have been here for such a long time and have found ourselves exposed and exploited in the lesser planes, where many of us still reside to some extent and this is becoming a real issue for many.

It may sound a bit strange but it was an inspired moment and I remember sending information - a report - to the divine about the situation. My guides said to me that my report had been received. I thought no more of it but in early April during another healing session, I noticed divine intercession come very strongly into the session. The action was the most powerful healing that I have ever witnessed and lasted the whole of the session. My guides said to me,

"this is the answer from the divine to your report!"

The client enjoyed a very effective session and was really pleased to feel so light afterwards.

I was absolutely amazed and delighted. This extraordinary level of healing coming directly from the divine has remained through every session that I have conduicted since with clients. In due course I hope to share more information about this remarkable phenomenon.


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