Whilst on retreat on Iona off the west coast of Scotland in the winter of 2006/07, Shabdan began to work more deeply with his body recognising that spiritual practice must include body work to enable it to hold the constantly refining vibrations of the healing journey. Though many systems exist today that can support this process, Shabdan realised that there was a simple way to work with the body using the Keys of Creation.


Heart dancing was born in the sacred silence of deep inner contemplation. During a workshop led by Shastra in 2001, Shabdan found in a dancing process that his arm suddenly began to move all by itself and felt completely weightless as it moved. He never forgot this and over the years looked to develop this body-led movement. During his retreat on Iona in that still time, he worked with spirit to unfold an entire body-led healing and movement system.

Emotional and Toxin Overload...  Often we ignore our bodies and do not give them enough rest or decent nutrition and, of course, overload them with emotion! As the body ages, there is an accumulation of toxins and emotions which makes the body sluggish, causing it to lose its vitality and ability to maintain simple natural health. Whilst a change of diet, exercise and healing can help, often the needs of the body - a conscious part of you - are not heard or truly understood. Your loyal and faithful servant, the vehicle of your life, follows where you lead, accumulating the overload of unaddressed issues and toxins that you have not been able to fully release. Heart Dancing can help.

Heart Dancing... This system shows you how you can surrender to your body, giving it full control over movement of itself. An amazing thing happens when you really surrender to the body: it begins to move in a gentle way, stretching out, rotating, dancing softly to an inner rhythm. The movements can be repetitive to release a tension or stiffness or an emotional blockage that has become locked in to a particular part of the body. Here, working with the Anaritas Keys given by Shabdan, that blockage can easily soften and transform, setting the body free to move through the stiffness and on into another movement - the next element that it would like to release. After a time the body will begin to move in a different way, flowing movement that liberates the body and brings harmony, balance and peace to its entire form. Various further stages follow where a heart movement really deepens the connection of the body to the divine. Meridians are then balanced with light language followed by a gentle meditation and then the body chi is stimulated to revitalise and refresh the whole body.

After Heart Dancing for anything from twenty to forty minutes - or longer if you have time and the body wants to continue - you feel balanced, revitalised and flooded with energy in a more supple body, ready for healing practice, dancing, walking or work. It becomes much more effective to undertake the practice as regularly as possible which will build the technique and encourage the body to develop deeper stretching and movements that can free the organs in the body of toxins and emotion.

The system is simple to use and safe, even with a level of muscle injury. If you really surrender to the body trusting in its self-movements, it will always protect a weakness and never stretch itself further than is safe to do.

Heart Dancing is Evolving

Heart Dancing is currently evolving. A CD is in production to take the place of the Anaritas Movement Keys. This will help you to stay entirely in your body, not in your head, whilst you move and dance. The CD will help you to deepen your movement healing process. Also the technique itself is in continuous development and it is hoped to begin work in the Dundee area with students to evolve the system further.

- The prototype of the CD has been tested on a group of willing volunteers and is now in final production for release soon. (See 7 June 2012 Blog for details.)



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Feedback is positive...

During the last winter retreat at the Haybergill Centre in Cumbria, Heart Dancing was taught and then practised everyday.

Everyone on the course found it helpful and saw how the dancing movements supported their spiritual practice. Even those who felt awkward about moving their bodies to begin with found that this simple system placed no pressure or expectations on them. To their surprise, gradually their bodies began to move themselves - after some intial stiff movements - when they learned to let go and trust their body. Soon the movements opened up and they began to enjoy the process, feeling the benefits of body-led Heart Dancing.



Shabdan has taught this system in Surrey, Yorkshire Cumbria and in Oslo, Norway. The feedback has been very positive. One participant in Norway who practiced Yoga was delighted to discover the technique, saying that it allowed her to take her yoga even further. She found it liberating to be able to move without direction or constraint and her supple body really responded to the medium, moving deeply and intuitively into energy releasing movements that softened her body.

Further information is available on request. Shabdan is open to conduct a Heart Dancing Course in your area. Contact him for course fees and further information.

The CD should become available soon and will be advertised on the Iona Light pages in due course...