Heart Song...

An Exciting NEW Development  on December Retreat, 2013!


Music from the Heart

Music is the Source of Life.

Pure sound resonance can re-order conscious expression of life in this world. Couple this simple music with the Keys of Creation and powerful healing and re-alignment to the divine can take place without the tears and effort of conventional healing release.
Heart Song is a gentle way to heal using symbols and sound, rhythm and note, to resonate your whole being, opening it to receive healing through the Keys of Creation, the masters, angels and devas. This work involves sacred immersion in a workshop setting with no conversation to interrupt the intuitive you from opening up. Through movement or stillness, the sounds carry you into a gentle space where the divine can help you to surrender the many layers of karma, emotion and control that limit your consciousness. This joyful and uplifting experience can transform layers of your consciousness, bringing them into divine alignment.

Music is the Heart of Me!

I started playing guitar at the age of 12. I took some basic lessons at school for 3 months and after that was self-taught. I began playing in bands at age 17 and soon found myself working in holiday destination towns in Scotland playing my heart-felt music to great audiences. Music is in me and I am incomplete without it. In 2001 I had to let it take the back seat for a while as I came to perfect the spiritual both in myself and in my healing work with others. Then I began to take a guitar with me to workshops - for myself mainly, just to give me a nice break during the day. To my delight, participants loved me playing my music and songs to them and this became a regular part of the healing day. Healing music inspiring healing release, inner contemplation and peace. 

It wasn't long before I realised how this could become so much more as I watched my clients' tears flowing, moved by the music and letting go layers of emotion... From here, Heart Song was born!






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UPDATE January 2014: We all experienced tremendous healing!

On the 2013 December Healing Retreat, I used Heart Song with participants in a new way. It was used on other workshops last year and has gradually evolved. Playing a range of instruments - singing bowl, large gong, frame drum, chimes and bells, contrasted with a Bohd Stri' ("bowstree", a self-developed stringed drum used for rhythm and harmony) plus the harp guitar with 24 strings and my voice - the tone, rhythm and sound vibration can be varied substantially.

I created a soundscape that took the group into a relaxed and open state of consciousness. I had also arranged the space we were in to be linked to the Over-lighting Devas and to specific frequencies that resonated through the music. The result was a powerful healing experience that lifted many layers of emotion and karma from everyone without effort!

I was delighted with the results, after receiving the inspiration some time ago that this could really work. I am looking forward to developing this a little further and to sharing it with people, for a healing and a joyful experience. I hope to arrange musical Heart Song evenings soon.

App 1.jpg

Etheric colours flood the room, brings the spectrum of light into the space, wrapping everyone up and bathing them in subtle and beautiful healing vibrations...



Trialled at the Haybergill Centre Winter Retreat in 2011, some of the techniques and symbols were developed but there is more to come and Shabdan is very excited to see this work develop. Working with percussion, singing bowl, Harp Guitar and other instruments and with voice channelling special Anaritas Keys and sacred sounds, this system promises to offer profound healing without tiring involvement in release.

He will be using the celebrated uu-crychtu healing mat alongside the sound work, offering specialised healing Keys and other techniques to re-align consciousness. In due course this work will not only be a medium through which healing can take place but also higher alignments and attunements to the divine that will help grow the spirit and unfold the next paradigm of consciousness.