In-person and Telephone Sessions

PLEASE NOTE: Shabdan is currently offering sessions.  Call him to arrange an appointment or for further information.

Shabdan offers various forms of in-person and telephone healing sessions from time to time. Often these are conducted from his caravan as he travels around the country. In-person sessions will often involve the special energy mat he channelled called uu-crychtu. This is a powerful gateway to the I Am Presence and enables guides, psychic surgeon teams, masters and angels to access the client and reach deeply within. This form of healing is very powerful and can be profound. (See below...)

In-person sessions last approximately 60 minutes and allow for an up-close, face-to-face look at the client and if necessary hands-on work is done. Although the majority of the healing work is actually carried out without Shabdan touching the client during the session.

Telephone sessions last for 45 minutes. From Shabdan's point of view, distance is no object. Some of his clients are as far away as New Zealand, the United States and Malaysia. For him it is as if they are in the next room. In this way a great deal of healing work can be offered on the phone, just the same as working in-person.

Shabdan is really flexible in the way he works on the telephone. Sometimes clients will prepare a short list of things they would like to look at before the session. Shabdan will note them down and work through as many points as possible during the session. Sometimes the client's guides will come in and re-direct the session completely... so the list has to wait until next time! Clients will also simply discuss how they are feeling and allow the session to take a natural course.

Shabdan's work encompasses most forms of personal problems, psychic issues, relationship issues and emotional problems. He can clear entities, magical and other complex energy strands, working alongside the Lords of Karma, Angels and Masters of Shambhala - spiritual teams who undertake the metaphysical work. His experience draws deeply on his own healing journey and he holds a great empathy and understanding of his clients' needs. Having worked with clients for some eighteen years now, he is never stuck in dealing with any complex problem. Sometimes, of course, a client may not be ready to move on and let go of old patterns. Shabdan always respects this with love and compassion and he will support the client as far as possible, gently peeling away the layers that will help them to surrender up their deepest fears.

Shabdan always seeks to teach all he can during a session, to empower the client to help themselves even more effectively.

It can be helpful to book regular sessions at whatever interval is comfortable from once a week or once a month to as little as twice a year - the choice is yours. In this way proper focus is maintained on the healing journey and difficult issues can be laid to rest. Feedback from regular clients has shown that they are growing rapidly and have become truly passionate about their spiritual journey.

To book a session call or text Shabdan's mobile 07786 692822, or call the office number 01382 581951


uucrychtu_half.jpgOne of the many healing tools Shabdan is using on his workshops and healing sessions is uu-crychtu. The uu-crychtu body-length healing mat with multiple sacred symbols represents an ancient spiritual technology that was used in Lemuria and in Atlantis, where it was carved into crystal. Shabdan also remembers it in the Egyptian civilisation, where it was carved in stone and used in the pyramids at Cheops.

The present form has been updated to take account of the new energies now available in the Earth planes. Used under Shabdan’s expert guidance, the energy system opens you to your I Am Presence, allowing the I Am to direct the healing according to divine will. Easily accessed by the angels, your guides and by other healing energies they may call in - including psychic surgeons from the tenth dimension - this extremely powerful tool can help with healing of the body, mind, spirit and aura.

Where appropriate, uu-crychtu can be accessed by Ashtar command, the Elohim of the twelfth dimension and all levels of enlightened consciousness (in accordance with divine will) in this universe and beyond, to enable you to achieve new levels of consciousness, add new ‘programmes’ and energy configurations to your aura and clear long-standing blockages.

Repeated sessions in this space can be very helpful in developing new levels of depth in personal consciousness and spiritual awareness. Shabdan will hold the space, assist in the healing process, and help you to integrate the energy at the end of the session.



Phone: 07786692822

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Health Fairs

Another opportunity for sessions is through the complementary health fairs that Shabdan attends. these sessions can be booked in advance with Iona Light and vary in length from 20, 30 to 40 minutes.


Shabdan and Shastra's stand at one of the fairs

Different Perspectives:

Clients who work regularly with Shabdan have learned through their experience that different ways of interacting with him - seeing him in person, doing telephone sessions and even sessions at health and healing fairs - offer different possibilities. The different environments can show up the client's issues and energies in differing forms. This has given Shabdan perspective to encompass the client more fully and help them to clear very effectively.



Come, walk with me a while that I may help you before you go your own way...


People Love Uu-crychtu!

Once you have tried out this well-tested healing tool, you won't want to get off the mat at the end of the session - that is the overwhelming response from those who have worked with it! 

During workshops, when I say we're going to get uu-crychtu out, there is often a cheer from people in the room and excited activity begins as we lay out the room with the mats. If you haven't tried this mat out you may doubt my claim, but I continue to be surprised by its popularity on every workshop. Many hours are spent by workshop participants lying on the floor on this mat (with a little padding for comfort) without a single complaint. You have to try it for yourself to believe how great it really is. 

See my workshop schedule on the Iona Light sister website for an opportunity to lie down on uu-crychtu!